serpAPI user interface redesigned

Year: 2023

Role: UI/UX Designer

Chores: UI design, interaction design, and prototyping


The company was in need of revamping their UI to be more competitive and appealing to new users.


redesign serpAPI UI improving charts usability as also making the visuals stand out when compared to competitors.


I redesigned a new brand proposal, choosing a new font-family that would display an authentic look and feel for their products. After that I redesigned the UI in Figma by:

  • Establishing design system basic guidelines thus connecting the product's visuals with the new brand proposal

  • Designed and specced interactive components in Figma

  • Redesigned a key UI to showcase the concept

  • Researched and pitched the use of key technologies that would later speed-up the implementation of this new design system

Figma file setup and components

View Figma prototype →

Brand redesign experiments

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