Day 002 of Paul Flavius Nechita UI challenge. On each shot I'll try to come up, in my opinion and experience, with the best UX friendly UI.

On my version I've added the shipping costs information, very important in ecommerce.

I've also changed the stock feature to a numeric since it's more important to find out how many are in stock rather than to know if it's available or not.

On this version I've also added a gallery product preview, it's not major improvement but it helps to sell the product a bit more.

Another thing I did was to group all related information, Name, reviews, description, then unit price, quantity and total plus CTA. So when the user changes the quantity there is a relationship between the price above and the total price bellow.

And that's it, see you tomorrow.

PS: All shots are going to be done in Sketch so I explore the awesome features this tool offers for UI design.

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Posted on Sep 2, 2015
Carlos Sousa
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