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Team Crypto is a company with unique AI Technology that can generate for you an amazing DeFi portfolio based on your risk profile and current market situation.

During this cooperation, I made for them a lot of staff starting from the Landing page, which I am representing here, and Product Design, which I will show a bit later.


The goal was to create a Landing page, which would represent the product idea and the company in general.

The idea was to create a clear Landing Page with some catchy animations and graphics, which will add more engagement for our users.

Work Process

We started from scratch, and the first step was to research competitors, target audiences, and the market of this product in general.

After research, we started working on the UX Structure and UI Moodboard.

We did some Testings, which helps to us to improve the page, and after that, we started working on pretty UI.

As a result

We made a pretty design of the Landing Page with all the important links, sections, and information about Product and Company itself.

Do you wanna reach the same result and effectively represent your company and Product?

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Let's create a new Unicorn! Let's create such a WOW Design 🎆

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