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Botly is an 🔗 AI Chatbot Dashboard UI Templates. Botly empowers designers to streamline their dashboard projects with ease and efficiency, offering a versatile collection of 16 pre-made screens and over 20 meticulously crafted components. With Botly, the possibilities are endless.

Explore an array of thoughtfully designed templates and responsive layouts, allowing you to seamlessly construct your own customized dashboard in a matter of minutes. Simply drag, drop, and mix different elements to bring your vision to life.

Included within Botly, you'll find an assortment of meticulously crafted screens, each tailored to enhance your user experience. From the comprehensive Overview/Products dashboards with great chart design, modern and minimal sidebar, awesome illustrations the scope of possibilities.

Experience the power of Botly and revolutionize your dashboard design process. Get ready to take control like never before.

With Botly, you will have a 6 bonus illustrations that is great to start you project.

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