At some point last year, alongside a complete overhaul of Pluralsight's branding, we gave the website a lick of inky blue paint too, and I'm proud to present my redesign of the homepage. The layout and flow of information was hugely important with the redesign as we wanted a homepage that fully explained what Pluralsight is about and the products we have to offer (as well as an introduction to the recently acquired One of the first pages (of the hundreds to redesign) we released was the homepage and I'm very proud of how it came out as much more friendly and human-focused than previous iterations.

Apologies, the scroll in this Figma prototype is slightly jittery due to the animations šŸ„“

Huge shout to @Matt Kohn for the art direction.

Luke Etheridge (Proud Designs)
Graphic Designer. Logo Designer. Illustrator. UX.

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