WeMade - Visual Identity Design

The client

WeMade is the ultimate offshore global sourcing company which specializes in managing either partial or entire manufacturing processes for all of its partners product outsourcing needs. Founded in 2013, the company has grown to a team of more than 20 people and helps a wide range of e-commerce businesses.

Challenge and objectives

WeMade’s existing brand was selling them short and the time was right to rebrand and to better communicate WeMade’s personality and story. That’s why WeMade asked us to develop their visual identity and optimize their product from the user’s perspective.

WeMade wanted a consistent and memorable brand with a visual language that would resonate with their customers and serve their marketing team for years.

Building a modern, professional,

and future-proof brand

The design process for WeMade's brand identity began with extensive research and analysis. We first conducted a competitive analysis to understand the current landscape in the ecommerce industry, and identify opportunities for differentiation. We also conducted market research to gain a deep understanding of WeMade's target audience, including their needs, preferences, and pain points.

Next, we developed a brand positioning statement that clearly communicates WeMade's unique value proposition and differentiates them from their competitors. This statement served as the foundation for all design and messaging decisions moving forward.

Based on the research and positioning, we then developed a visual direction for the brand, which included a color palette, typography, and imagery. The logo design was a crucial part of this process, as it needed to effectively convey the brand's personality and positioning. Then we identified a color space and developed visual language specifically designed to help WeMade stand out from the rest of the market, aid visual recall and develop brand awareness.

The new visual identity is underpinned by a system of easy-to-use guidelines that we developed for WeMade’s marketing team, empowering them to confidentially use the brand in their communications to its full effect, without the daily support of an agency.

The result

After a close collaboration with the founders of WeMade, we have successfully launched their new brand.

WeMade successfully integrated our messaging and visual identity guidelines across all communication channels, including social media, websites, products, and general customer communications.

The response to the new visual identity has been overwhelming, both from the WeMade team and their own customers. WeMade has grown and gained many new customers after our collaboration. We’re thrilled that their business is thriving and are happy to have helped them with our research and design solutions.


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