A chair, an old chair...

Behold a new 3D Dribbble animation created solely for practice purposes: The Quixel Megascans chair, brought to life using Redshift and Cinema4D, gracefully glides and showcases its timeless elegance ⌛ 💾 🪑.

*Don't forget to turn sound on ☝️

Sound Design

With the help of Ableton and some truly bizarre foliage sound packs, I crafted a unique and experimental soundscape that accompanies the animation. Prepare to be immersed in an unconventional audio experience that complements the visual narrative. Hope you like it!


*Bonus* Figma UI Freebie

If you wish you can download the free Figma card templates showcasing the Retro Chair from Quixel.


Have a wonderful day! 🎈

Voicu Apostol
Exploring in three dimensions. ✨

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