Illustrations 7 & 8.


A few months ago, I was charged with adding some new "patterns" (illustrations) to Pluralsight Flow's already flawlessly illustrated guide titled "20 patterns to watch for in your engineering team". The Flow team was taking out 8 of the original patterns/illustrations and replacing them with 8 new ones, but the new illos had to look cohesive as part of the set.

The original guide was beautifully illustrated by Matt Chinworth (website, Instagram) a few years ago when Flow was GitPrime (before acquisition) in a drawing style I was completely unfamiliar with.

In complete awe at the standard of illustration in the original guide, I was apprehensive but equally excited to see if I could follow suit by copying the grainy charcoal style using Procreate. The most important part of the brief was to ensure these new illustrations still looked like part of the set, and that they also convey the prompts in fun and metaphorical ways.

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