applied by zeb – Rebranding

New name, new logo, new look – this is applied by zeb

Without creativity, no enthusiasm. Without power, no effect. Without clarity, no implementation. In an initially small team we turned our previous corporate design upside down, tested it and finally rethought it. Our ambition: to re-create the brand internally and always make it a (little) bit better.

The result?

  • A new logo based on zeb's brand guidelines

  • A new colour palette to stand out within the group

  • A fresh typography combination to bridge the old and new world of financial services

  • New visual assets and illustrations for use

Do you want to see the new brand in action? Check out our new website.

A big shout-out goes to my colleague and mentor Hannes, who has supported the rebranding process with his many years of branding expertise.

applied by zeb is the product development studio of zeb, the leading consultancy for financial services.

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applied by zeb
Always a bit better

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