Daniel Romlein

Personal Rebrand

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Personal Rebrand branding mark logo

My tired 'take-your-initials-and-make-them-look-cool' personal mark – shared by roughly every other fresh-outta-undergrad designer out there – is finally getting the replacement its been begging for.

tl;dr: Any feedback you have is welcome!

Thinking DIN for type.


• Cats are cool and confident: they don't care what others think of them. That's the sort of creative and lifestyle conviction I strive for (please do not attempt these levels of alliteration at home – I am a professional)

• The biblical story of Daniel parallels that defiant integrity.

• 'Romlein' sort of sounds like 'Rom-lion' / 'feline.'

• Motion, strength, exploration & wildness – values I chase – I think of being associated with lions.

• Aesthetically, I love simplicity of form, and love the timelessness of mono-thickness lines.

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