Good 12 of August to everyone! The end of summer is "harvest time" and the time to strike the balance. We had a hard-work period at Tubik that's why we have lots of fresh fruit. Today I want to share one with you — a screen of a global social network. The idea was simple: to show user's timeline with different kinds of posts such as check-ins, media content and stuff from user's friends or their own. The customer of the project wanted to add one simple thing — gamification. We spent a lot of time here under the studio roof resolving this task this or that way. We knew that too much childish stuff or too many game accents would make the simple network too cluttered and will also distract the user. The final decision was to make parallel timelines: the main vertical timeline and bright animated horizontal. The function of the latter is to show the user where the last post was in terms of place and time. God save the programmers, we are waiting for the realization of this idea! If you like the decision just tap the "L" letter on your keyboard and continue surfing;)

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