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Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for reliable service providers and negotiating prices. HandyMate ensures a seamless experience, connecting you with the trusted professionals who have the expertise to handle your repair and renovation projects efficiently.

HandyMate is a successful local startup from the US existing for years. Recently they decided to go through total overhaul with a new brand style along with developing a handy solution for easier connection of their clients.

HandyMate team approached us with request to make design for the landing page that gives a comprehensive description and explains benefits of using their service. Part of the requests was to design web and mobile application, but that's another story:)

We'll update you with the case, stay tuned!

Client's Goal:

-Provide homeowners with the tools they need to easily manage and complete their household tasks.

-Bridge the gap between homeowners and skilled HandyMate employees, ensuring prompt and professional service.

-Make it effortless for homeowners to find reliable repair and renovation services.

Design Objectives:

-Create a user-friendly landing page that guides homeowners through the process of accessing the renovation solution.

-Present the key features and benefits of HandyMate to engage and educate visitors, encouraging them to explore further.

-Design a landing page that motivates visitors to take action, such as signing up, creating a profile, and posting their first task.


We crafted a page which minimalistic design and quite intuitive sequential structure lets user to get a clarity on how easy it is to join and reap the benefit of using this service.

Secondary pages consist of more detailed information about the service, we tend to portion the info.

It was obvious that many who require help around the house, may be the elderly people or people with some limited capabilities, so maximum contrast colours are used throughout the page in order to provide maximum readability and accessibility. Also we designed a banner-CTA that suggests people who struggle with joining themselves, so the company can reach out to help potential user to get in.

Feel welcome to contact us with your design ideas - we'll make 'em come true!

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