Wesley Chau

KCON 2015 Official T-Shirt

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KCON 2015 Official T-Shirt tshirt design kcon

Had the opportunity to intern and design for KCON 2015, a convention dedicated to K-Pop that strives to enhance American K-Pop and Hallyu fan experience by providing a way for fans to connect with each other as well as artists and professionals in the K-pop industry.

This is the official KCON 2015 t-shirt that I am happy to say has sold well at the convention. Though the design process for the convention was tiring and stressful, the end result was very rewarding and satisfying. I hope all KCON fans who has bought this t-shirt will be reminded of their KCON 2015 experience and continue to "ignite their feelz" with kpop.
(The tagline was not my idea.)

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