Sketch users! Free up some space!

UPDATE: If you are considering to use the commands I have animated in this shot know that you won't only delete Sketch files but all previous versions of files from a lot of other programs as well.

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Im a Sketch user. I love it and I use it almost every day. At work and for personal projects.

But recently both my Mac and Sketch have been a bit sluggish. I checked my storage and found that I only a few Giga Bytes left. I deleted everything i didn’t need. I removed all my pictures, movies and clean out the downloads folder and emptied the trash.

I checked my storage again. I had only removed 10 GB…


…Other, what is OTHER!? It filled up almost 200GB!
I went back to Finder to open and flip every folder, but could not find where this Other stuff was hiding!

After freaking out for a good while I found the answer. I had 182 GB sitting and laughing at me in the “.DocumentsReversion-V100” folder. This is the folder where all your auto-saves and revisions ends up. This lets users restore back to previous editions of a file by creating a constant sequence of saved file states while they are being worked on.

This is how I went about to delete it:

1. Open the Terminal
2. Write “sudo cd /” press enter
3. Enter your password
3. Write “sudo ls -l .DocumentRevisions-V100” (watch some stuff happen)
4. Write “sudo rm -rf .DocumentRevisions-V100” (this will delete the folder and it’s contents)
5. Restart your mac


Now Sketch feels like a dream to use again. And my Mac runs a lot smoother!

Posted on Aug 7, 2015

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