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We're happy to see so many people excited about the future of Inbox. Keep 'em coming! I also want to point out that, due to the large number of enthusiastic applicants, we might not be able to personally reply to each and every one of you. Don't worry - we're pretty good at this whole "email" thing and I can assure you that we received yours!

And please keep in mind what was said in the previous update about properly showcasing your work.


To evaluate your work, we need to see it in detail: a 400x300 Dribbble shot isn't enough! And popular effects like angled phones and depth of field actually get in our way. We need to evaluate your work the way a user would: by seeing it in all its glory.

For interaction designers, we want to understand your process: the sketches, diagrams, wireframes, and other artifacts that show how you tackled the problem.

For visual and motion designers, we need actual pixels: your design at its full size. Sketches or other intermediate steps can also be useful.

For prototypers, we'd like to see both the working prototype and some information on how you built it.

For team projects, it's also important we know which parts you did yourself, if you worked with others.


Want to work on a product that reaches nearly a billion people? Enjoy thinking through tough problems at the intersection of communication and productivity?

We’re hiring for the Gmail & Inbox UX team — interaction designers, visual designers, motion designers, and prototypers. You’ll be working at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA with a kick-ass (and fun) team of designers, researchers, and engineers. Sound amazing? Check out the official job postings here:

Interaction Designer
Visual Designer
Motion Designer

And be sure to mention you're interested in the open positions on the Gmail & Inbox team!

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