free animation lesson: google authentic motion – radial reaction

I’ve been spending a bit of time getting into the mechanics of Authentic Motion and wanted to share this technique. Essentially, this is two separate animations, one for the ‘hamburger’ icon transforming into a back arrow and the other is where the content cards disappear radially.

I cover the PSD setup (which would also apply to Illustrator) for the design source file and then we jump into it. As with a lot of these UI animation projects, it really helps to think through what you want to accomplish before you jump in. I share some best practices in how I approach the setup and execution.

Some of the After Effects tools I use to create this include Nulls, Parenting, single axis scale, Ease and Wizz, and After Effects Expressions.

In a future post I’ll cover Ease and Wizz and why it’s so insanely baddass for UI animations.

PS you can also go here to watch my free course and learn how to Create a Professional Icon Animation (using After Effects) and Play it on Your Phone (no After Effects experience necessary):

Posted on Aug 6, 2015

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