Ticked™ | A human-centered task manager

A brand is not merely a logo; it is the emotional experience it creates.

Completing a task is a mere action, but the true essence lies in the emotions it evokes within you afterward.

Simple and fun posters around the city to ignite curiosity about the brand.

Simple and fun posters around the city to ignite curiosity about the brand.

Promoting the simplicity & the joy of a task getting done and you feeling productive.

Using real humans and emotions are important to create empathy.

"a human experience."

Using simple shapes, sparks, emotions and humans in ads make it easier for humans to connect with the brand.

Introducing fun & simple characters as team members working together.using white space is important on these banners to resemble clean and fun environment.

App UI

Ticked UI is very simple and straight forward. It makes your very comfortable, gives you a very human advice like “Remember to breathe”.We’ve replaced the usual checkmark sign with our Spark.

Tone & Voice

Effortlessly conquer tasks with our upbeat and friendly approach. We inspire action, simplify task management, and ignite productivity.


Animations and motions in branding captivate attention, bringing life and dynamism to visual experiences.

They create memorable interactions, enhance brand identity, and engage users on a deeper level. With fluid movements and delightful transitions, animations breathe vitality into the brand narrative, leaving a lasting impact.

Introducing Ticked™ for teams

Ticked™ Intro Logo Motion

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