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We’re still reshaping our VPN products as well as the mobile app. Here’s a take from the home and upgrade screens, iterating on ideas for a cleaner UI.

It has similarities to the previous design in terms of lay out, as we go on with what we currently have and improve. Compared to the previous version:

• We introduced a different upgrade screen with new flat illustrations, button styles - refreshing the view with higher rows, new colors for borders, background and fonts, as well as a new carousel style, and typography.

• On the home screen, we keep the layout similar. However, we introduce different navigation icons, new typography, background color as well as the dropdown menu and flag - which is intentionally magnified as the main change over the existing app.

• Main ON/OFF button is still circular, yes - even if I'm not very fan of it. However, it has newer different green and gradient values as well as smaller radius size - with cleaner outline styling, with our reshaped logo.

Layout of the home screen was initially introduced by @skyruler in 2014.

If you found it interesting, you may have a look at my other shots.

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