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I faced the redesign of the Volvo Cars application. 🫡 For me, as a user of this brand, the car app had some UX level bugs. So I decided to improve the app. 🙅‍♂️

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About the project

One of the main priorities during the redesign was to refer to the evolving Volvo philosophy, i.e. environmental protection and electrification ⚡️ of Volvo models.

Simple, quick access to vehicle charging options and live battery status preview. These are the basic assumptions that we have extended to other functions of the application. 📱

It is worth noting that this is a conceptual project that we also implement with startups in mind. ✌️ Efficient implementation of the conceptual design helps to explore and visualize the idea. Fast product delivery is the greatest value for many startups.🚀

© The materials used in the project, in particular the logo and photos, belong to Volvo Car.

© The materials used in the project, in particular the logo and photos, belong to Volvo Car.


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