Account info | Account type UX

Account info | Account type UX

A user information page on a site can contain a variety of information, depending on the purpose and nature of the site itself.

User photo: It's a good idea to include a photo of the user to create a visual connection and recognition.

First and Last Name: Providing the user's full name.

Biographical Information: Allows users to learn more about the user, their interests, profession, education and other important aspects.

Contact Information: Includes email address, phone number or social media links for other users to contact you.

Links to Social Media Profiles: If you have accounts on popular social media sites, you can add links to them.

Accomplishments & Awards: If you have any notable achievements, certificates or awards you can include these on your member information page.

Portfolios or Projects: If you are a developer, designer or have any work to show, you can add links to your portfolio or submit your projects.

Statistics & Ratings: If your site has a rating or user rating system, you can include your overall statistics or rating.

Personal Interests & Hobbies: Allows users to learn about your personal interests and hobbies, which can create common topics of conversation or similar interests.

Additional Information: Depending on the context of the site, you can add any other information that may be useful or interesting to other users.

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