Stock research made fun and simple

Tickerboom offers a new way to find trending stocks and see how price action is impacted by social momentum.


Tools like Yahoo Finance offer plenty of info about a stock, we wanted to bring in social momentum and combine with price action. Tradingview provides even deeper info. Tickerboom is for the step before these tools. Browse first then deep dive, before the price action happens. In a scannable, visual way.

Emerging stocks look like this...

We iterated many different ways to show the data, testing as always provided surprising results...

Dials and existing ways other tools showed sentiment were less trusted.

Usually convention is a safe foundation. This time it wasn't. Showing the general feeling of mistrust between consumers and existing finance tools.

So we landed on this card design, showing just enough information at the browsing stage of the user journey.

Allowing the user to quickly see negative sentiment and price action.

Usually you have to drill down or you just get % increases. We charted it from the browse stage.

If something looks interesting you can open up the deep value insight on each card

This provides even more info, customisable by the user but these are the defaults.

And because you don't want to sit watching the charts all day, alerts were a must.

We wanted to make the alerts as stupid simple as possible, using natural language flow.

Trust + data are the biggest challenge. Once gone no one trusts your data.

We wanted to be transparent about the data itself and how we run multiple checks to ensure the sentiment data is from legit accounts.

And for the marketing site, we believe in getting the user to value ASAP

Show don't tell. We allow you to play with the tool right away.

Tables are a powerful tool for comparison, especially paired with filters you can save.

For adoption we focused on allowing community filters too. This also lets new users see what's possible instantly.

We covered all the payment and onboarding screens too.

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Posted on Jun 8, 2023

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