R+D for Windows phone link

A purple phone is surrounded by its expanding outline.

R+D from our latest collaboration with NotReal.TV for the new Phone Link film 👀.  


Check out the full film here: msft.it/6001gcShl

A pink glass phone is centered around white light that goes through it.
Three phone silhouettes sit on top of a wood floor with purple objects surrounding them.
Translucent purple objects and a phone cord float mid air in this frame.
A laptop, phone, pen, and lamp sit on a circular desk with moody purple lighting.
A top down view of a laptop, phone, notebooks, lamp, chair, and rug.
A laptop and phone are propped up on a chair with a plant in the background.
A landscape of household objects on a desk with a phone.
A blue stack of phones rise through the middle of this blue gradient frame.
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Posted on Jun 9, 2023
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