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RubberHose demo: Hose Connection

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RubberHose demo: Hose Connection demo shapelayer walk cycle character animation rig rubberhose after effects

With RubberHose, layers can be parented to the ends of Hoses (like this) but the connection can go the other way as well. Animate feet and body so they feel right –good weight and balance on their own, then use RubberHose to draw a leg that reacts naturally and bends based on a user defined Hose Length.

RubberHose works a lot like tradional IK allowing you to focus on the end point instead of the rotation of all the intermediate bones, but it is not really IK (different math and setup). A single path is drawn with a ShapeLayer so there are no bones and no lengthy setup. This allows the limb to be bent as round or as straight as desired. It also means you are not required to finalize a character design before starting animation. This speeds the process up greatly allowing you to start animating much faster.

Coming soon.

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