Linkedin Figma and PSD templates kit

Linkedin mockup for figma and photoshop psd

Boost your productivity and show-off your design work with eye-catching Linkedin branding mockups. With these Photoshop and Figma files kit you'll save tons of time while batch-creating multiple visuals at once.

Add your designs in one place.

Update the templates all together.

Do you remember last time a client asked a change that reflected in the entire project? Don't worry about it anymore. You'll update the design in one place and it will reflect in all other places without effort.

The Photoshop version uses Smart Objects to do the trick while in Figma you'll have it all organized as components.

The pack includes

  • Company page template

  • Linkedin banner template

  • 6 realistic iPhone mockups

  • 2 Realistic Macbook mockups

  • ✨Linkeding dynamic prototypes (Figma only)

  • Photoshop .psb file with high-res templates

  • Figma .fig file with vector-based templates

  • Page with instructions

  • Linkedin UI components (Figma only)

social media branding kit photoshop psd Figma template

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