The team at Tallywell reached out to us to help them with a visual identity and Apple Watch product that helped establish the company as an innovative leader in the personal wellness space. We worked diligently to transform the client’s vision into a scalable and polished cross-platform web and smartwatch experience that could win the hearts and minds of its target customers.

TallyWell is one of the first AI-powered health and wellness platforms to provide a simplified health credit score. Passionate about health and technology, we offer personalized plans with actionable insights and promote better habits for all levels of health expertise.

The initial stage of the design process consisted of low-fidelity sketches of the app's layout, where we also created navigation and functionality. This phase was done by hand, using pencil and paper. We brainstormed and explored several ideas for the app's layout, navigation, and functionality during the sketching phase. We created rough sketches of different screens and interactions and considered how the app would look and feel to the user. The sketches include rough illustrations of the app's UI elements, such as buttons, menus, and input fields.

Our team undertook a comprehensive brand identity and product design, with a clear goal to establish a cohesive visual identity and seamless user experience across all touchpoints. We crafted a meticulous design system that harmonized the brand's aesthetics with the unique interface of the Apple Watch App.

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