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RubberHose: first public demo

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RubberHose: first public demo layer shape effects after animation character path rubberhose

RubberHose is a panel with a couple of buttons. The first button creates a series of 3 layers: one Hose and two Controllers. The other buttons are just little functions to help with managing these layers. These are live ShapeLayers, meaning: everything is resolution independent, the Hose can be styled with any path operations (trim-paths, wiggle-paths, repeaters, stroke layering, dashes, whatever), and you ever have to bake keyframes. You can parent layers to control points like you would attach a hand to then end of an arm, or parent control points to other layers like if you were attaching a leg to a body.

It's taken entirely too long to post something about what RubberHose actually is. Sorry to keep you in the dark, but I've really been hoping to get at the core of what makes the system special and remove every possible thing in the way of you building solid animation. I'd hate to promise some feature only to remove it upon release.

More indepth feature demos coming soon. For now check out this recording of a full day using RubberHose.

Release date is scheduled for around mid-August.

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