Sync - Landing page design for the CRM platform

promotional landing page design for CRM platform

We continue to reveal new details about our new CRM system project, and today we're going to talk about one of the central elements of the digital marketing of any company.

About the client

Sync is our new CRM system which makes customer relationship management easier by tracking leads, identifying new opportunities, evaluating key objectives, optimizing sales workflows and focusing on sales success.

Services we provided

  1. Branding design: logo, colors, fonts & brand book

  2. Platform onboarding

  3. UX/UI CRM system design.

  4. Landing page design.

The main goal of the CRM system is to optimize sales and help companies keep track of any changes in the business.

Now let's dive deep into the landing page design 👇

Header section

The landing page begins with a header, which sets the overall tone of the website with a large font, and we also show the platform.

It is very important to reveal the main product, which is the main subject, and we also see a small description and the main numbers of the statistics.

Thanks to the short and basic information in the header, the user already understands what this is all about.

website design for SaaS startup

Features section

Next, the user can immediately see the main features of the platform, how it works, and what in this platform will help our user to grow their business.

landing page design for CRM platform


The CRM system itself is also called Sync, which shows its main function for the ease of use of the platform.

The platform can sync with any other platform or program and take data about customers, correspondences and contacts, which will help the user to set up communication with customers easily.

promo website for CRM system

Additional features

In the next section, we show additional interesting features that customers may discover when upgrading their plan.

Social proof

Certainly, reviews are crucial in building a reputation. Without a doubt, clients hold the power to shape the perception of the CRM system.

It is imperative for users to perceive the product as trustworthy, reliable, and convenient, with the assurance that data confidentiality is guaranteed.

The final word

The homepage ends with the advantages over other platforms and the CTA element.

promotional landing page design for SaaS platform

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