Brainwave iOS AI UI Kit - Re-colored

Get a new look for your mobile app with this Brainwave iOS AI UI Kit. It features a variety of ready-to-use components, such as buttons, checkboxes, and sliders, that are designed to work with Apple's iOS platform. With a few simple tweaks, you can easily customize the look and feel of your AI app.

Introducing the Brainwave AI iOS UI Kit — a revolutionary Figma UI kit designed to revolutionize the way you interact with ChatGPT. Unlock the potential of AI-powered applications with advanced features such as voice commands, image editing, video generation, code generation, and more. Experience unparalleled versatility with its seamless adaptation to native iOS app designs, and support for both light and dark modes. Supercharge your design process with over 200 meticulously crafted components that make it easy to bring your AI app and website projects to life.

Our comprehensive package boasts 188 sleek and minimal pre-made screens, fully customizable and responsive to cater to your unique design needs.

Maximize layout possibilities and construct your dream AI website in minutes with a vast array of content. The Brainwave - AI iOS UI Kit incorporates a wide range of AI features, including code generation, photo retouching, video generation, search, text-to-speech, social media scheduling, education assistance, and more!

Share your ideas with us in the comments below 👇 and let's shape the future of AI-driven design together! Highlights:

• 188 pre-built templates

• 200+ components

• Global styleguide

• Light + dark mode

• Free google fonts

• Carefully handcrafted designs

👉 Download Brainwave iOS AI UI Kit

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