Sync - UX/UI dashboard design of the CRM platform

CRM dashboard design

Any modern company needs a CRM system to manage its business and customer base. With a CRM system, companies can easily set up their sales and develop great customer relationships.

About the client

Sync is our new CRM system that simplifies customer relationship management by allowing you to track leads, identify new opportunities, assess key objectives, optimize sales workflows and focus on sales success.

Services we provided

  1. Branding design: logo, colors, fonts & brand book

  2. Platform onboarding

  3. UX/UI CRM system design.

  4. Website design.

The main goal of the CRM system is to optimize sales and help companies keep track of any changes in the business.

UX/UI dashboard design of the CRM platform

About the dashboard

Our dashboard shows all the basic information a user may need at any moment.

Automatic reminders will increase your efficiency by getting rid of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Statistics for clients, projects, and tasks will help the user to monitor the development of his business and react to problems in time.

Clean and bright design with bright accents easily guides the user through the platform and reveals all its interesting features.

UX/UI web application design for the SaaS startup

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