Sync - Onboarding flow design for the CRM system

Onboarding is the first thing a user sees when getting introduced to the platform. We created onboarding for the CRM system, immediately showing the user what he deals with.

About the client

Sync is a new CRM system that simplifies customer relationship management by allowing you to track leads, identify new opportunities, assess key objectives, optimize sales workflows and focus on sales success.

Services we provided

  1. Branding design: logo, colors, fonts & brand book

  2. UX/UI CRM system design.

  3. Website design.

The main goal of our CRM system is to optimize sales and help companies keep track of any changes in the business.

Our onboarding not only shows the basic features and benefits of the CRM system but also immediately helps to fill in the most basic information without which it will be difficult to manage their business and customer base.


With design and branding, Outcrowd unveils the core of your brand and makes it a force to be reckoned with.

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