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Cockroach - is a web-based application designed to help users manage their tasks more effectively. This application allows users to create task lists, set deadlines, prioritize, and mark completed tasks.

By using SaaS Task Manager Cockroach, users can easily manage their tasks and ensure that all tasks that need to be done are completed on time. Thus, this application is suitable for various users, both individuals and teams in various industries and fields of work.

The Approach

The interface of this application consists of a list of tasks sorted by priority, and each task comes with a brief description, deadline, and status of whether it has been completed or not. In addition, users can add additional notes and upload attachments such as images or documents related to the task.

The Result

The design emphasizes simplicity, allowing users to easily manage their projects or tasks. The UI is also designed to improve usability; clear navigation, intuitive icons, and a visually laid out layout make it easy for users to understand and interact with the app's features and functions.

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