SYNC - Branding design for the CRM company

branding for CRM platform

About the project

Sync is a contemporary CRM platform designed to aid in synchronizing and enhancing your business operations. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, it can be your trustworthy ally in efficiently managing customer interactions and achieving superior revenue outcomes.

This whole project consists of:

  1. Branding design: logo, colors & fonts.

  2. UX/UI CRM system design.

  3. Website design.

logo design for the CRM platform

Logo design

Sync's logo is a three-part circle that is placed in a hexagonal shape. This symbolizes data, segmentation, and synchronization, which are key aspects of a CRM system. This combination of geometric shapes in the logo creates a sense of structure, organization, and modernity. The logo embodies the idea of providing harmonious data work and powerful business management tools.

logo design for the SaaS platform

Brand colors

The colors used in Sync's branding create a distinctive and stylish look and feel, and are organized in descending order.

White: Pure white symbolizes transparency, purity, and modernity. It embodies the idea of efficient data management and provides visual ease of perception.

Light gray: The neutral light gray color emphasizes solidity, stability, and reliability. It helps to increase concentration and improve understanding of various processes.

Blue: Deep blue symbolizes professionalism, confidence and technology. It embodies the idea of well-coordinated and continuous communication, helping you to achieve high efficiency.

Black: The stylish black color adds concentration and elegance. It symbolizes a strong leadership position and confidence in achieving results.

branding design for the SaaS platform
logo design for the SaaS startup

Why care about branding?

All branding elements like name, colors, logo, and marketing collaterals help to emphasize the modernity, efficiency, and professionalism of the Sync CRM system, creating a single, distinctive image that will be easily recognizable and memorable for your audience.

merchendise for SaaS company
branding and logo design for the SaaS company

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