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Sport is about lifestyle for many people. It helps to keep fit, to look better, improves your daily schedule and teaches to achieve goals. But there is no time for sport in modern life because of routine and time limits. Our pocket gadgets are very helpful in the sport process. They remind us to stop working and start the workout, fix new achievements, make special sport schedule, charts, graphs and even control how we do exercises. So here is UI for the small Sport App submitted by two screens: stop watch and sport results charts. Very simple construction based on fresh, bright and a little bit acid colors for making rich app image associated with active growth and action. If you like it you know what to do: just press the letter "L" on your keyboard ;)

Tubik is a small talented team of designers that work with big companies and small startups and resolve UI/UX problems in different app spheres. So this one shot is a small piece of big work that our studio provided for Fuse Tools company. Visit their page to know more about this design-oriented developing platform. Thanks for watching, follow our updates and have a good middle of the week, everyone!

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