QWERO - NFT collection page design on the marketplace

This whole week was dedicated to our project called QWERO and this is a final piece of our complex work. Let's remind what was this all about 👇

About the project

QWERO is a single platform for listing and trading NFT art. It is aimed at young and active people attracted by positivity and openness to communication.

The main goal of the service is to provide access to the latest NFT collections from various authors around the world.

The scope of work

For the Qwero startup, our team helped with the following:

  1. Logo and complete brand identity design.

  2. UX/UI platform design

  3. Landing page design that promotes the platform.

Today we want to focus your attention on a page of a specific NFT collection🦜

website design for the NFT marketplace

Second main page

The second most important page of the Qwero project is designed to provide a detailed introduction to the NFT collection, with its set of features and interactions.

One of the main features of the page is the ability to purchase and browse NFTs. The user can explore the collection and purchase digital works they are interested in.

The animation on the page is an effective way to liven up the design and draw users' attention to the artwork. It creates a more interactive and engaging interaction with the website.

landing page design for the NFT marketplace

What else?

The detailed NFT collection page also shows some crucial information.

Breakdown of NFT sales by specific period (weeks, months, etc.) to track the dynamics of interest and popularity of the collection.

The number of NFTs sold from the collection shows the popularity and demand for the artist's works.

The amount of money raised from NFT sales reflects the collection's financial success and the project's attractiveness.

landing page design for the NFT collection

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