Anti Speed Radar Detector App · Redesign Concept

For many years, I have been using an application called Yanosik (the name refers to Janosik, the legendary hero, so-called slavic Robin Hood), which serves as a driver's support during daily journeys. It warns about speed radars and road incidents. I love it. Unfortunately, a recent update of the app resulted, in my opinion, in a significant deterioration in the quality of the interface and the overall user experience.

Therefore, I decided to prepare the above concept of how the app could look and work:

  • Dark interface, improved look & feel,

  • Instead of redirecting the user to the marketplace screen first, I direct them to the most important functionality, which is the map displaying speed readings and radars.

  • The marketplace is still accessible from the main view (but not in such an intrusive form), as a bottom shelf - not a separate screen (1 step less to access the core features).

Hope, that someday they'll improve their app, based on my concept.

Original App

Below is how the original (present) application looks:

I would like to emphasize that I do not own any rights to the Yanosik trademark. It's just a fun concept.

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