Design System Kit: Cover 📘

We’ve been experimenting in the Elsewhen studio with building a Design System Kit.

Download it for free over from the Figma Community 🔗

Think of it as a toolkit for creating design systems: a starter template containing all the core building blocks, each of which can be duplicated and modified.

Project goals 🎯

  1. Help us build systems more consistently across projects

  2. Reduce the time it takes to spin up a new system

  3. Help us explore and decide on best practices (an ever-evolving project!)

What else?

We’ve kept the kit simple and based its structure on best practices and techniques that we’ve found help us build components in the most flexible way possible — leveraging base components and considering themes.

Of course, our favourite best practices and Figma itself are changing all the time, so we’re constantly learning new and better ways of doing things.

Alongside the kit, we’ve been building a DesignOps Handbook. This contains guidelines to help designers navigate creating new systems. We'd like to release this soon.

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