Summerly media - Website design for the SMM agency

About the client

Summerly Media is an SMM agency from the USA specializing in TikTok and Instagram social media promotion. Summer, the founder of the agency, is an SMM specialist herself, having promoted her account on TikTok from zero to 400+ thousand subscribers.

Knowing the trendy promotion mechanics, she had the idea to share her experience with the business, which needs quality promotion services in social networks. 

The Summerly team reached out to us with a request to create a website for Summer, where it would be possible to show her achieved results and a portfolio of clients with examples of content that she makes independently for promotion and that are viral.

promotional landing page for social media marketing agency

Main objective

To create a website, that presents the specialist's experience in the field of SMM and ready cases with examples of work with the opportunity to fill out a small brief for clients.

Our solution

Summerly media already had its own identity and logo, which it was important to keep in the design. The site needed to present Summer as a social media specialist.

To achieve this, we used her photos and videos from her personal account, where the user could see examples of content and audience engagement statistics, as well as the hero behind it all.

The website effectively expressed Summer's energy, charisma, and dedication to her business right from the moment the landing page was opened.

website design for the social media marketing agency
responsive website design for social media marketing agency

The dark background added the effect of depth and also emphasized and highlighted the main content on the site. The bright emoji were able to convey the emotions and reactions that users share every day on social media while browsing content.

For ease of surfing through the portfolio, we divided them into several types. Using tabs, users can select one of the headings and browse relevant cases of interest to them.

As a result, the design has closed the main tasks for the client - a convenient way to broadcast Summer's personal brand.

You can check it out here 👈

landing page design for social media marketing agency
landing page design for the SMM agency

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