The art of Video Storyboarding to boost your marketing campaign

According to a recent video marketing survey conducted by webdew, 79.2 % of businesses use videos as a marketing tool. 

Did you find this unbelievable?

Oh, you shouldn’t, because this is today’s reality of the marketing world. People today want to see more video content from marketers; thus, it has become an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. 

Visual media is a powerful way to share your ideas, make a connection with the people who see them, and reach new customers in a personalized, engaging, and memorable way.

But do you know the secret to crafting marketing videos that stand out and captivate your audience?

It all starts with video storyboarding.

Storyboarding is mapping out your video's visuals, messaging, and call-to-action, ensuring that every shot is aligned with your marketing goals.

In this article, you’ll explore the use of video storyboarding to elevate your marketing efforts. Also, you'll know the advantages it offers your business and learn about the top 5 storyboard creator tools that can help you craft polished and captivating storyboards.

4 ways to use Video Storyboard to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns

A storyboard template or a storyboard is a series of panels or frames. It's "a comic book version of the story, providing a visual roadmap for its unfolding. It includes stick figure sketches that represent the individual shots.

Giving you a brief introduction to storyboarding was necessary to set up the environment in case you want to figure out how to use video storyboarding to enhance your content marketing campaigns. 

So, take a look at some different ways you can use effective storyboards for your video marketing campaigns:

1. Conceptualizing a video campaign:

Making a storyboard for your marketing video can help you to visualize and refine what you envisioned for a video campaign. By sketching out the different scenes and shots that will be used, you can better understand how the campaign will look and feel.

  • Storyboarding allows you to see the big picture of your video campaign and make decisions about the tone, style, and structure for an effective marketing project. 

  • You can use the storyboard to experiment with different ideas and make changes before investing time and resources into creating the final video.

  • It also helps you refine your ideas and ensure your marketing message is clear and effective. 

  • Moreover, storyboarding can help you determine the pivotal points of your video and arrange them in a logical sequence so that your video can convey the intended message effectively.

By visualizing the different scenes and shots, you can determine if the video seems smooth and if any gaps or inconsistencies need to be addressed.

2. Script development:

One of the notable advantages of using video story boards for your content campaign is that it helps you to develop an effective video script. 

Once you have visualized the different scenes and shots, you can write a script that conveys your message and story. It must also focus on showing how using your product or service can resolve your audience's pain points. This is essential for creating a compelling, engaging video that resonates with your audience.

By understanding the scenes and shots, you can improve the coherence and flow of the narrative. You can ensure that the story is conveyed in an effective way and that each scene serves a clear purpose in advancing the message. 

Additionally, storyboarding helps you to avoid unnecessary scenes or dialogue that may detract from the all-in-all impact of the video.

Another advantage of storyboarding is that it allows you to make changes to the script before you begin shooting. By seeing the scenes and shots, you may identify areas where the script needs tweaking to improve the video's impact. 

3. Planning video shoots:

Storyboarding is a critical tool for planning the logistics of your video shoot,  given how easy it is to organize. It can help you visualize how each scene will be shot, including the location, lighting, camera angles, and talent needed for each shot. 

With a clear vision of your shooting requirements, you can make better decisions about the necessary equipment and personnel. This can help you save time and resources by minimizing mistakes and optimizing the shooting process.

For example, if you are shooting a video outdoors, storyboarding can help you identify the best time of day for shooting to capture the right lighting conditions. You can also plan the camera angles to capture the desired shot, such as close-ups or wide-angle shots, and decide on the location of the talent or actors in each scene.

Moreover, storyboarding allows you to allows you to create a visualization of the video. Thus, ensuring that each shot is coherent and contributes to the overall message and story you want to convey. 

Well-planned storyboards planned for a video help to focus on achieving the desired outcome instead of wasting time on set making decisions on the fly.

4. Creating different types of marketing videos:

If you want to create a great video, remember to storyboard first so that you can have a clear vision of the final product.

Here are a few examples of how one can use storyboarding to create several types of marketing videos, providing a clear plan for each video type:

Explainer Videos:

Storyboarding can help you to break down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand visuals. You can create a more engaging and informative explainer video using visuals to support your message.

Product Videos:

Storyboards help you to showcase your product in action. You can create a more compelling and informative product video by visualizing how your product will be used and highlighting its unique features.

Testimonial Videos:

Storyboarding can help you to plan out the questions you want to ask your customers in a testimonial video. You can create a more engaging and authentic testimonial video by visualizing the different shots and angles.

Brand Videos:

Storyboarding can help you to develop a cohesive and consistent visual style for a video for your business. You can create a video that effectively communicates your brand's values and message by visualizing the different shots and scenes.

Video ad:

Storyboarding your marketing video can help you plan and create effective ads for social media or other platforms. By visualizing the different elements of the ad, such as text overlays and call to action buttons, you can ensure that the ad effectively communicates your message and motivates viewers to take action. Storyboarding can help you to create a clear, concise, and good video ad that is engaging and effective.

Animated video:

Storyboarding can help you to plan the movement of characters and objects within the scenes. This can help you to create a more engaging and dynamic video to deliver your marketing message effectively. Storyboarding can help you avoid animation mistakes and ensure the video is visually consistent and compelling.

These are a few examples of how creating a storyboard can be used to make effective marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of using Storyboard for marketing videos

When it comes to video storyboarding for your campaigns of marketing, it can have many benefits that can improve the quality of your content and help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Here are some of the key benefits that you should know:

✅Helps you Plan your Video

A storyboard is a visual that helps you plan out your video, including its structure and flow. Thus, making it easier to create a compelling story that resonates with your audience. 

By visually mapping out your video, you can make sure that your message is to the point and that your video grabs your viewer's attention from start to finish. 

This is important if you need to grab your viewer's attention and keep them interested in your video.

✅Saves Time and Money

Using a storyboard for your effective marketing video helps you identify and address potential issues before you start filming, saving you time and money in the long run. 

By planning out your shots and sequences in advance, you can ensure you have all the resources you need on set and avoid costly reshoots or re-edits. 

This is especially important because you want to ensure your viewers stay interested in your video and linger long enough to convey your marketing message.

✅Ensures Consistency

Making a video storyboard helps you maintain consistency throughout your video production, ensuring that your branding, messaging, and visual style are aligned with your overall marketing strategy. 

This can build trust and loyalty with your audience and improve brand recognition. 

✅Collaborative Tool

Storyboarding is a tool that allows you to collaborate with everyone involved in your team to ensure your video meets your marketing goals. 

By involving key stakeholders in the storyboarding process, you can ensure that everyone is aligned with the vision and goals of the project and provide opportunities for input and feedback.

✅Helps you Measure Success

Finally, the process of creating a storyboard can help you measure the success of your marketing videos. 

By creating a clear plan and vision for your video, you can track your progress and assess whether you have achieved your marketing goals. 

This can help you find ways to make your videos better and improve your content strategy for future videos.

✅Useful for Pitching and Fundraising

Finally, setting up your storyboard for your video can be useful for pitching and fundraising. 

They visually represent the story, helping investors and potential partners understand the concept and visualize the final product.

Pro tip: 5 amazing Video Storyboard creators to use in 2023

1. Storyboarder:

Storyboarder is a free and open-source tool designed to help filmmakers, animators, and designers create storyboards in a quick and easy way. 

It comes with various features, including drawing tools, camera controls, and the ability to import 3D models. The program works on different types of computers like Windows, Linux, and macOS.

It also provides users with a simple interface to easily create storyboards for their video campaigns.

2. Boords:

Boords is a popular online storyboarding software that helps you visualize your ideas and bring them to life.

The platform offers a range of tools to help you create storyboards in an efficient way. It includes a drag-and-drop interface, a library of pre-made assets, and collaboration features that allow you to work with team members in real time. 

Boords is also compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it a versatile tool for creatives everywhere.

3. ShotPro:

ShotPro is a video storyboarding tool for filmmakers and video creators. It features a 3D environment that lets you create complex camera moves, import and animate characters, and even add special effects. 

ShotPro comes with various camera and lighting options and a large library of props, characters, and backgrounds to help you create compelling storyboards. 

This storyboard software is available for iOS and macOS. Thus, making it an excellent choice for creatives who prefer to work on their mobile devices.

4. Plot:

Plot is a web-based storyboard creator that allows users to visualize and organize their ideas for video projects easily.

With Plot, users can create a series of frames that depict each scene of their video, add descriptions and notes, and even upload images or videos for reference.

The platform also includes collaboration tools, template libraries, and project management tools. Also, it is available for  Windows, Linux, and Mac.

5. Canva Pro's Storyboarding tool:

Canva Pro's Storyboarding tool provides a range of storyboard templates to choose from. Thus, making it simple to create compelling storyboards that align with your marketing goals. 

Canva Pro has many useful tools like working with others, making your own branding, and adding your own pictures or videos. These tools ensure the final storyboard is just what you need.

Make your way to create an impactful marketing campaign

It's worth remembering that a fantastic film or video begins with a brilliant idea, and storyboarding can be a game-changer to actualize that idea for your campaigns in the video marketing world. 

Starting to use video storyboarding may seem daunting in the beginning. Thus, it's important to realize that the ultimate goal is to steer your marketing efforts in an effective way and achieve the desired outcomes from your video campaign.

Thus, if you want people to keep watching your videos, follow these ideas when it comes to elevating your campaigns of marketing and taking your video content to new heights!

Posted on May 14, 2023

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