B is for...Bluetick Coonhound

B is for...Bluetick Coonhound - The Alphabet Project

One of my most cherished pets over the years was a rambunctious bluetick coonhound. Although I can't have one in my life right now (because my three kids are animals enough for one family) I look forward to the day when I can. To celebrate my favorite breed I conceptualized a new brand identity and website for the National Bluetick Coonhound Association.

About The Alphabet Project

When creative block rears its head, and the blank screen feels unconquerable, it can be helpful to have a ‘box’ to work within. I invented The Alphabet Project to keep my creativity alive during a particularly stressful season. The proposition was simple - for each letter of the alphabet I picked two ideas or themes I found intriguing and then created conceptual work around them. The end result is an exercise in building creative resilience and reflection of my inner landscape at this exact moment in life.

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