Howdy Dribbblers,

This is my "YouTube vision" of the video page.

The full view attached is available in normal and retina with sidebar enabled/disabled.

Here below you can find some key-thoughts:

● The whole structure is optimized for watching and search the video, exploring all the related videos too. Simply put, it fulfills the purpose of the YouTube video page; it seems essential to maintain a balanced and intuitive user-interaction.

● The left sidebar panel is designed to auto-collapse in order provide users with a permanent visible and direct way of locating their navigation bar.

● The video player bar is simplified, distributing all the features within the same line, in order to make its use immediate and smooth. I can't determine if it is a "better solution" than the current well-thought-out YouTube video player (I haven't any data); but I'd like to test something ui-related with this level of visual organization.

● A general improvement of the visual hierarchy should helps the user to explore each item of information in a more clear and easy way.


The YouTube redesign was done for fun, practice and visual study purposes only and is not intended to be implemented.

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