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Shreddin' the Gnar

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Shreddin' the Gnar photography app guide clean white iphone6 iphone ui ios

iPhone App for Betterguide, curated recommendations for unique adventures and experiences.

When deciding where to go in a new place, you're really just going to ask your friends who've been there where to go. That's what Betterguide is for. Browsing exceptional experiences from your close-knit circle of friends and heroes.

I recently saw this talk “Death To Bullshit”. Brad Frost points out the painful amount of data that's out there today, and how's it's “90% crap”. But the message is still that “Things that are genuinely good will be shared”. Curation has to be the future.

Hat is off to @Natalie Thai who did the sweet branding and collaborated in the early stages of this aesthetic.


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