Brass Monkey – IoT App

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Last year, we teamed up with Brass Monkey to elevate their Ice Bath products with an innovative IoT-enabled app.

Our mission?

To design an app that allows users to control their device seamlessly from anywhere, anytime. Here's how we turned this vision into reality:

👋🏻 We designed a user-friendly onboarding process.

❄️ We incorporated intuitive temperature and scheduling controls.

🛠 We included accessible maintenance tools and user guides.

📲 We enabled efficient over-the-air firmware updates.

All these features were encased in a sleek, modern interface that perfectly reflects Brass Monkey's premium brand and core values.

The result?

A groundbreaking in-app experience that is redefining standards in the Ice Bath industry!

Curious to learn more?

Head over to our website!

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