Analythis - Website design for the AI-powered marketing platform

landing page design for the SaaS marketing platform

In the year 2023, it will be crucial for tech startups to have a website for their product in order to survive in the industry. Such websites are vital components of the marketing funnel. The same goes for the Analythis project.

About client

Analythis is a startup in the niche of Big Data-powered marketing platforms with a rich functionality of AI-driven analytics and, last but not least, a characteristic name.

Services we provided:

Primary purpose

The primary purpose of such websites is to introduce users to new solutions in the market, provide an overview of the key features and functions, back it up with social proof elements, to finally hook them with an offer for a trial version or trial period.


The site begins with a header that sets the overall tone of the site using some custom 3D elements. When designing the website, in addition to structure and visuals, it is important to pay attention to copywriting and UX writing, as these are the things able to significantly increase conversion rates and help some hesitant users get acquainted with the product.

website design for the AI-powered marketing platform

Key sections

Next, we showcase the dashboard of the Analythis platform and support it with several key metrics. Numbers are important as they can convince visitors to use our product, and they also show them the importance and usefulness of the product.

This is followed by blocks with descriptions and visualizations of the main product features. In the case of the Analythis platform, we highlight its ability to quickly work with various data and wide customization options.

promotional landing page design for the AI-powered SaaS marketing platform

Social Proof

After describing the features, there is a block with user reviews, featuring people who are already using the product and who can testify to its benefits. We’ve added the 8 best reviews so that new users can see the use cases for our service in various niches.

The homepage ends with a CTA element, and if you have done everything right, you can expect a new client soon!

landing page design for the SaaS startup in martech niche

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