Spent the last month or so sketching ideas for a phonograph console to make for the living room.
Exploring feature ideas in every sketch for a different person with different needs was the purpose and would help me finalize what features or lack of features would suit my needs.

This first iteration is all over the map conceptually but it was a great start and just getting ideas on paper was the first step. Later through the series I began using a carmine red pencil to help with construction.

Launch your critiques if you have them. This was #1 in nearly 40 designs and I'm considering adding the most interesting ones here for some inspiration. Let me know if you're interested.

If you prefer doors to open shelves, open top or lid access to phonograph, or sliding glass vs sliding wood front shutters, etc., let me know. Sharing why you'd like a feature will help me to refine different consoles for different needs and I'd like to explore as many ideas as possible.

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