A is for...Astrology

A is for...Astrology - The Alphabet Project

I’m not somebody who lives by my natal chart or reads my horoscope every day, but I have always found it interesting that people born during the same times of the year often share certain traits. I was also intrigued by the challenge of taking something with an old and mystical reputation and translating into a modern, minimal web experience.

About The Alphabet Project

When creative block rears its head, and the blank screen feels unconquerable, it can be helpful to have a ‘box’ to work within. I invented The Alphabet Project to keep my creativity alive during a particularly stressful season. The proposition was simple - for each letter of the alphabet I picked two ideas or themes I found intriguing and then created conceptual work around them. The end result is an exercise in building creative resilience and reflection of my inner landscape at this exact moment in life.

Posted on May 7, 2023
Liberty Riggs
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