Helping Minds Healthcare Mobile App Concept

Helping Minds creators aim to revolutionize the treatment of severe mental diseases. They have been working with professional psychotherapists and psychiatrists to develop various methodologies to cure or at least ease the flow of diseases related to trichology or dermatillomania. However, they wanted to make these treatments more affordable and accessible, so they reached out to us to turn their existing web platform into a powerful and flexible tool.

Our challenge was to design two separate versions of the healthcare application, one for clients and the other for administrators. The client's version had to be user-friendly, allowing easy registration, interaction with therapists, exercises, and bill payment. On the other hand, the admin's version was a complex client management system that needed to include content creation, modification, monitoring, and doctor's access.

To complement the user-friendly and efficient functionality of the Helping Minds app, we decided to incorporate a design that is calming and soothing and went for  blue and white colors throughout the app, creating a clean and minimalist look.

One of the biggest obstacles we encountered was that the employer had a simplified prototype for both of these sections. We had to review the existing design and adapt it to meet the client's requirements and expectations. Moreover, we had to observe the high-security standards that were required when working with healthcare software development, which meant building them into the product.

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