Analythis - Brand guidelines for the AI marketing platform

brand guidelines for the marketing platform

Yesterday we presented you with our new complex project for the AI-powered marketing platform called Analythis. The first part was about logo design.

Today we will be discussing brand guidelines that enhance the visual aspects of a brand. A logo alone is not enough to establish a strong and cohesive visual identity for the brand.

About client

Analythis is a startup in the niche of Big Data-powered marketing platforms with a rich functionality of AI-driven analytics and, last but not least, a characteristic name.

While the recent spike in demand for AI-based services was generated by new tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT, the professional analytics self-learning AI concept already has a long and successful track record.

Services we provided:

  • Logo

  • Brandbook

  • UX/UI platform design

  • Website design

  • Website Development

logo design for the SaaS marketing platform
logo design for the marketing startup

Main theme

The brightness of gradients and rounded shapes combined with grotesque fonts make the image of the platform laconic, recognizable and relevant.

The main theme is represented by dark shades, while the accent is made by the gradient and bright 3D illustrations that create a sense of modernity, dynamism and simplicity.

color palette for the marketing startup
business card design for the marketing startup

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