Inspired by golf, Laye Golf is an upcoming lifestyle brand and community from the Netherlands. The logo package is created to work on many different display occasions, but also to set a good brand foundation. 


We took inspiration out of a mixture between traditional script and single stroke script, and combined the two together.  

Character Exploration

The biggest challenge was to find a "y" that, A: flows well with the other characters, and B: didn’t cause unbalance when GOLF is added. 

Left: Flows well but will cause unbalance when GOLF is added 

Middle: Flows well but also causes unbalance and readability is not optimal

Right: Balances out the right side properly, making place for GOLF on the left side, flows well, and improved readability by a more pronounced "y" shape. 

Bonus "Right": The loop was actually inspired by a golf stick.  

"L" exploration

Setting up a variety of different "L" options to see which one captures the brand's feel best, and which one stands out the best as a stand-alone mark for short name usage. 

Concept development and refinement 

With the foundation set, I was able to make an outline with much more details. Adding small weight differences to create a feel of depth and to add a unique character to the script. 

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