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Are you ready to be blown away?

Reflect's website just got a massive redesign that's going to leave you speechless 🫧

Join me as I take you through the journey of how we made it happen 🪄

See live:

I'm a big fan of Interstellar and all things space,

so I always find black holes very cool.

The problems that Reflect solved and the innovations it brought to the note-taking industry created a fourth dimension, So I chose a black hole animation for the hero 👽

This next section is the most creative and exciting

project of my entire design career.

You might think I used After Effects or some other tool, but here's the truth: Necati built it entirely from code with nothing more than a prototype as a reference

@maccaw (Founder of @reflectnotes) trusted me completely and gave me the creative freedom to work my magic. That's how you get the best results.

So, I dove into research and gathered a ton of inspiration.

Check out these mood boards:

With the moodboard set, it was time to explore.

Luckily, Alex and I had already discussed my vision and theme,

so the exploration process was a breeze. This was the initial draft.

While you can explore other areas on our website, there's one last thing I'd like to showcase: We've created a Tetris game entirely from scratch, with all credits due to Necati. Give it a try!

Simply press one of the directional buttons to see how it works

Reflect's hottest new feature? AI, baby! To showcase it, I got inspired by an image (can't remember where from) and decided to make it interactive. Picture this: AI emerges from a portal and blows everyone's minds. And beautiful sweet icons accompany this beauty!

This section was the most enjoyable to draw! I drew inspiration from brain neurons and added subtle animations that bring the story to life

The idea for "radar" came from a tiny Pinterest image. I knew it had to be included. As I considered animating it with After Effects, @necatikcl said those four magic words: "I'll do it with code."

Evervault's encryption design was a huge success, and after that it felt crazy to design Encryption. So when the inspiration came for something new and different. What was my goal? A sci-fi theme Thanks to some great YouTube channels, I made it happen.

I revamped this beautiful icon set, originally drawn by @jamesm , to match the new style and added a few more

We did this as a team and I would like to thank my team!

Many thanks to @necatikcl for bringing this beauty to life!

Many thanks to @samclaassen for helping with content and guidance.

And endless thanks to @maccaw for wanting to do this with me and giving me the opportunity!

Thanks for reading so far, If you like to see similar content like this, please give me a follow → @oguzyagizkara

Enjoy the rest of the site:

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