Chevrolet Website Redesign Exploration

Take a look at the fully dev'ed desktop prototype page

How do you breathe new creative life into a 111-year-old brand?

Well, last year, I had the opportunity to delve into that very concept through a redesign audit of Chevrolet's website. Starting with one of their most prestigious and popular lines/models, the Chevrolet Silverado. Injecting new life into the brand with a redefined typeface set and a look at modernizing the layout and storytelling of the landing pages for various popular Chevrolet models. By envisioning a future-oriented approach, I explored ways to elevate the customer experience and position Chevrolet as a leader in the industry, even surpassing other brands. My aim was not only to modernize their EV models but also to revamp their lineup of standard gas-powered vehicles, creating a design that positions a competitive edge for the brand.

Full case study coming soon to my portfolio

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